I have heard it said that springtime at Shuangxi is yet lovely. I intend to sail there in a dainty boat.
by AnotherChris  July 24, 2008 9:25 am

First, a Dark Knight review: Awesome, what I saw of it. I got sick and pretty much missed the last 45 minutes. Haven’t been able to make it back to see it yet.

And now the important news! Someone posted pics over at Hisstank.com of the upcoming ‘Matt Trakker’ (from M.A.S.K. you heathens) in the G.I. Joe line. Will this lead to a 3 3/4″ M.A.S.K. line? Likely not. But if they did I’d kiss every single person that ever worked for Hasbro (probably even the dead ones). Here are the pics:

Matt Fucking Trakker Card

Matt Fucking Trakker Figure

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