I have heard it said that springtime at Shuangxi is yet lovely. I intend to sail there in a dainty boat.
by AnotherChris  February 6, 2008 2:27 pm

Even though it was two weeks ago, I’m still cobbling together an after action report for this year’s FX Show in Orlando. In the mean time, in order to prove I am still alive, here are some pictures.

(Thanks to “Aether” for the TF images.)
Upcoming Transformers Classics
Powerglide looks awesome!

TF Classics 2.0
TF Classics 2.0

Upcoming Transformers Collectors Club Exclusives

TF: Animated Arcee

Look! A Crystal Skull!
I wonder what kind of guy would go on a crusade to raid a temple for this thing.
(From Movieweb.)

A crystal skull of some sort.

Did you guys see the Wall*E trailer from the Super Bowl? Pure genius!

[youtube qJXzTHlzUbw]

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