I have heard it said that springtime at Shuangxi is yet lovely. I intend to sail there in a dainty boat.
by AnotherChris  October 8, 2007 10:54 am

I started looking into the idea of making puppets shortly after Dragon*Con. Three of the projects that are currently burning a hole in my brain are puppet related and I intend to see at least one of them through to completion. Both Muppet style and full body puppets are on the agenda and it will be interesting to see which of them gets finished first.

I’m also planning on making a pair of puppets for some wonderful friends of mine once I get a little skill under my belt. Things were kind of meandering along on all puppet project fronts until the Assimilation convention in Orlando, FL at the end of September. The incredibly fun puppet panel there really lit a fire under my tail and so tonight I will begin construction on my first test puppet. Pics should be up in a few days, depending on what happens.

Here are some of the traditional-style hand puppets that were made during that panel:

Puppets made at Assimilation

(Thanks to Pops for the picture.)

Also, I’m still cranking out a trip report for Assimilation so look for that soon.

Also, part deux, if the people currently riding my tail at work let up I’ll be back in Orlando this weekend for another seven day trip to WDW. Pics of that will come sometime as well.

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