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by AnotherChris  September 10, 2007 9:52 am

So, Dragon*Con, what can I say? This year was, on the whole, I think better than last year. I was sick most of the time, but it helped contribute to a lower stress weekend. Since I have the feeling no one really wants to read a ten thousand word dissertation on my D*C 2007 experiences, I’ll keep things brief.

Thursday: Arrived in town and went to pick up badges. A word of advice here: never wait and have to buy through Ticket Master. Not only do they charge a million dollars, but I have never been in a line that was that slow. There couldn’t have been more than 40 people in line ahead of us and it took about two hours to get our badges. Crazy. After that we discovered the Metro Café just down the road from the Hyatt and the Marriott. Two words: Turkey Melt.

Friday: Slept in, then got ready to camp out at the Walk of Fame to spend some quality time waiting for Lou Gossett Jr. I stood in line for more than an hour while Mr. Gossett’s handler (who was also Lori Petty’s handler) fluttered around. It wasn’t until a girl with an ample bosom got in line behind me that he bothered to mention that Lou would only be there on Saturday and Sunday. After that, we basically wandered around the dealers rooms. I have to say, out of all the years I’ve gone to D*C, this was the most disappointing in terms of what was for sale. It’s become replica weapon/corset con. Very few comic dealers, even fewer video and toy resellers. It worked out in the end, because there was nothing I wanted to buy. The Wolf Pack dinner was Friday night and Steak and Ale and I think things went pretty smoothly. Again, wasn’t feeling my best, but compared to others who got sick over the weekend, I wasn’t in too bad a shape.

Saturday: The infamous D*C parade. Due to the ongoing medical issues, I opted not to gear up and instead parked myself on a street corner near the Hyatt to take pictures of the action. There were a number of good costumes in the parade this year including Robocop. The WWII folks looked great as always and the 501st and the Wolf Pack never fail to impress. Unfortunately, in my location the parade either flew by as it turned the corner or stalled out right in front of me. Consequently, I have tons of pictures of some sections and almost none of others. I definitely need to find a better spot next year. After the parade, I finally got my autographs from Lou Gossett Jr. I also did lots of hanging out with some folks from TF:2K5 and, as always, it was tons of fun. Dinner was, alas, not at the Varsity as originally planned but at the Metro Café. (Turkey Melt!)

Saturday was also the Wolf Pack party which, to my understanding, was a pretty big success. I lent a small hand with the set-up and stuck around to hand out raffle tickets until 11:15 or so and then wandered back to the hotel to catch a bit of rest. During the party set-up, I did meet some phenomenally nice individuals. So to those folks I say thanks for being so great. It’s always nifty to meet great people and you lot certainly are.

Sunday: Sick most of the day on and off. I managed to get downstairs in the Marriott to check out the awesome G.I. Joe costumers (and great folks all around). Met more awesome people in the process, making for a very nifty morning. I also ventured out to the Masquerade for the first time. I think we got in line three and a half hours early to get decent seats. It was pretty low key just sitting there and didn’t put too much strain on the system. Highlights of the show, for me, were Grant Imahara (from Mythbusters) proving once and for all that not only does he have massive geek cred, but that he’s funny as heck, the Jack Skellington rod puppet, the Wash’s dinosaurs skit, the incredible Wallace and Gromit costumes, and the Sailor Scouts of Moulin Rouge with their well deserved Best in Show (Novice/Journeyman).By the time we got out at eleven, I wasn’t feeling so awful and I spent most of the rest of the night gathering more pictures until the battery in my camera finally died.

Monday: Got peeved at the Marriott, but everything turned out for the best and we headed home.

Some of my favorite costumes of the entire con were: the trio from Wicked (Elphaba, Glinda, and Fiyero), Robocop, the G.I. Joe team, the Strawberry Shortcake gang, the Jack Skellington rod puppet, the Marvel Zombies (out in force) and so many others. Thanks to everyone who took the time to construct such wonderful costumes to entertain the masses.

Now that I’ve made you read all of that, I’ll post the link to the pictures.

Click here for D*C photos!

by AnotherChris  September 6, 2007 10:11 am

Ok, the daily D*C updates didn’t happen due to some unforeseen issues. I am writing up a Con report and will have all 399 public consumption photos online by tomorrow.

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