I have heard it said that springtime at Shuangxi is yet lovely. I intend to sail there in a dainty boat.
by AnotherChris  August 24, 2007 1:47 pm

It seems that a 17 year old in NJ, with the help of several other individuals, has managed to hack his iPhone and utilize it on the T-Mobile network. The full story from Yahoo is available here. And the really important thing I’m sure all you tech-savvy people are going to want: the instructions to do it yourself. (WARNING: This could be seriously complicated work, undertake at your own risk.)

I love Apple, but it’s nice to see that someone has taken the initiative to make the iPhone available to other carriers. According to the article, the young man in question doesn’t want anyone to make money off the discovery but it won’t be long until unlocked phones flood eBay.

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